eucalyptus snow gum

You or your representative will need to be present at the time of delivery to check and sign for the consignment. 1 small tree (most trees under 1.5 metres in height) : £9.95 + vat, 1 medium tree (most trees 1.5-2 metres in height) or 2-4 small trees: £11.95 + vat, 2+ medium trees or 5+ small trees: £14.95 + vat, 1-4 trees delivered by pallet (inc. mature Japanese Maples): 24.95 + vat. Your tree may have been pruned: We prune our stock. Height in maturity, if left unpruned:  Short term around 12 feet. Feed Spring and Summer with Chempak Number 4, high potassium fertiliser to keep the wood sturdy. Single Stem / Pruned and shaped: Classic shaped tree with a single stem that has had pruning to help create a beautiful, natural shape. If we are busy and cannot answer immediately, leave a message and we will return your call at our next opportunity. Young trees are like children; within any age group they are variable in shape and size, but all of them are delightful! This species can be trained to maintain a single trunk, even though it is a mallee (multistemmed). It has scented foliage so if ever you forget to buy flowers for your loved one then this foliage could be a great substitute so long as you present them in complete darkness. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Bees. One of the hardiest of all the Eucalyptus … We always pick out the happiest and healthiest plants for dispatch. Feathered: A feathered tree has branches from the bottom of the trunk all the way up. Exceptionally hardy, Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. Flowers: White fluffy and very profuse, attractive pollinating insects, butterflies and bees. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Top grafted trees do not require complicated pruning and are ideal for small spaces. Plants are easily started from seed; most grow very rapidly, perhaps as … Take the pot off and gently loosen the roots, then place into the planting hole. Low maintenance and considerably smaller than Eucalyptus gunnii, Eucalyptus pauciflora Niphophila can be pollarded or coppiced to provide a multistem appearance or hard pruned to maintain the foliage shape of a young plant. Eucalyptus trees do not take well to their roots being disturbed, so plan your planting position carefully - the size we sell is the largest size that we think is viable for transplanting. Just call us on 0751 526 1511 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and we are happy to help. Pruning Eucalyptus pauciflora niphophila Trees. One of the varieties that is best in the more southerly counties of England (draw a line across the country east from Gloucester), West coast of England and Scotland or if you are a Garden Pioneer - a sheltered garden anywhere else - give it a go. During the first 3 years, remove the side branches from the bottom third of the main stem if you wish to have a clear trunk. The twisted branches spread out to form a large shade canopy. Alternatively email us at to Please note, photos are a guideline as all plants are unique. niphophila is the best known of the six 'pauciflora' sub-species; deemed to be one of the most hardy of all Eucalypts and moderately slow growing. There is a slightly longer timescale on pleached and mature trees (trees over 2.5m in height) because we group orders together for specialist delivery - we will contact these customers to notify them of the delivery date. Some drivers will leave the parcel if you pin a signed written instruction on your front door, detailing where to deposit the parcel, if you are out at the time of delivery. Though this is a subspecies of Eucalyptus pauciflora- a snow gum just like E. p. ‘Niphophila’ there are several differences from that tree. Sheds ice and snow like a champion. Our courier charges are not viable for just one or two trees, but if you have a larger requirement then please do speak to us to see if we can find a solution. Our Seed Source: Alpine region of New South Wales, 12 litre standards with heads forming - selection of heights available now and again Autumn 2020, 3 litre and 5 litre young stock ready again now. Snow Gum trees may require formative pruning in the first few years and this should be carried out between February and March. It has a light, open airy habit and is ideal for a sheltered garden or coastal region. Only remove damaged or overcrowded branches from the top third of the stem. If you would like your order for a specific date, have dispatch delayed until you are back from holiday and ready to plant it, then do please ping us an email and let us know what you would like to do.

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