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But instead of visiting a restaurant or a fancy tasting room, we were directed to the home of Tsvetan Dimitrov, a biologist and former mayor of Cherni Vit who is now dedicating all of his time and effort to revive the tradition of making green cheese at Cherni Vit. Da un lato abbiamo la pluri-premiata Super Lemon Haze e dall'altro, niente di meno che la spettacolare Exodus Cheese - una UK Cheese originale e … So the milk is somehow different than sheep milk produced in other areas of Bulgaria. It is very dependent of the quality of the milk. Learn how to make authentic cheese enchiclads with green sauce (salsa verde). In Teteven area is mainly breeded the Teteven sheep which has now a population of just under 10 000. I hope this video is welcome. [3][5], A Bulgarian sheep milk cheese from the village of Cherni Vit, "Sofia Hosts Traditional Balkan Foods Forum", "Защо Черни Вит не е столица на зеленото сирене", "Зелено сирене от района на Черни Вит, община Тетевен",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Bulgarian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 April 2020, at 21:33. What ingredients you need. Later, touching the wet and cool air, the cheese started to cover with green mold. Easy step-by-step video of recipe. Tsvetan Dimitrov spent a few years trying to find the right technology and conditions to produce the original green cheese. From what we had read online we thought that the green cheese is some really famous local delicacy, produced in almost every house. We do exactly this from time to time – write him and he sends us some cheese. The small but beautiful village of Cherni Vit is situated in the Teteven region of Stara Planina mountain in Bulgaria. Racchiude genetiche di prima scelta, sotto ogni punto di vista. We were on one of those weekend trips without a specific destination, just exploring the beauties of Bulgaria. However, we got lost and never find the hotel. The whole region is famous for its production of milk and milk products like cheese. #Winelover #Foodlover #Slowtraveller Based in Sofia,Bulgaria, Use of texts, photographs and other copyrighted content from this website is strictly forbidden and illegal without the exclusive permission from the author.© 2019 Andrey Andreev Travel and Photography, Wine tasting like a pro in the wineries in Bulgaria, Zlaten Rozhen wine cellar, Bulgaria – where alchemy happens, Lovech, Bulgaria – the beginning of a new friendship, The most exciting places in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. And not least, for the good cheese contribute the big amplitudes between day and night temperatures. He is now making it at his home in Cherni Vit. All present - both producers and consumers - showed great enthusiasm and curiosity for products both local and lesser-known such as Traditional Icelandic Skyr (Iceland), Sognefjord Artisanal Geitost (Norway) and Tcherni Vit Green Cheese (Bulgaria). We explain the origin of the name “Feta”. This is due to administrative hindrances which prohibit farms from the direct sale of dairy products unless they are approved by the veterinary services. Makes 6 servings. By the early 21st century, Cherni Vit green cheese had ceased production and all but disappeared. However, we were on the right place and the smiling Tsvetan welcomed us in his yard. Then started the efforts of reviving the technology of its production. Traditional Bulgarian food is mostly famous for its variety of cheese, yogurt and quality vegetables.. Bulgarian Cuisine is similar to that of the surrounding Balkan countries as well as Turkey and Greece, yet they put their own little twist on their dishes.. It’s typically fresh, hearty and contains a variety of mild spices. “The man who makes the cheese lives nearby, the second house to the left, after the bridge”. Produced for centuries, Cherni Vit cheese … Franco's Lemon Cheese della Green House Seeds è un ibrido straordinario, a dominanza sativa. Milk from the Karakachan Sheep and the aboriginal Teteven Sheep breeds is used for the preparation of the cheese. However, we found nothing such and decided to go to the local hotel, hoping that at least they know something. [4], In 2007, the mayor of Cherni Vit, Tsvetan Dimitrov, was contacted by Italian representatives of the Slow Food movement who enquired about traditional dishes from the village which were in danger of disappearing. The green cheese was rediscovered by Italian specialists from the Slow Food Association in 2007. History of Greek Feta Cheese vs. Bulgarian Sirene Cheese vs Romanian Telmea and other white cheeses. When the sheep are brought back in September or October, the cheese, already placed in wooden casks, is stored in humid cellars in the village, at a temperature of 10 to 12 °C (50 to 54 °F).

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