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The singer is romanticizing obsessive stalking. It’s alluded to in the last unsettling lyric: “Well, do not worry/Daddy’s gone to bed.” Let this be a sermon, I mean everything I’ve said / Baby, I’m determined, and I’d rather see you dead. Take, for … The song is catchy but damn is it creepy. / What’s going on on the floor? Be the first to share what you think! Pay no attention to the fact … Nelly). Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's dead. 8 Answers. 4 years ago. Bet You Didn't Realize How Scary These Songs Are Iggy Azalea — "Black Widow" (feat. JeffyB. De Karekieten ("The Reed Warblers") are a … Every breath you take. At the turn of the millennium, websurfers celebrated Halloween with lots of animated GIFs, gaudy repeating backgrounds, and creepy MIDI music. Ground Control to Major Tom / Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong / Can you hear me, Major Tom. - listen to the first unintentionally creepy playlistunintentionally creepy including Billy Joel, Blondie, and Blue Öyster Cult music from your desktop or mobile device. 0 comments (Photo: Courtesy DeviantArt user Arvalis) Let’s face it: sometimes even the most seemingly innocent games can seem creepy under close examination. Posted at 17:53h in Spew by Lien Grey. Just A Teensy Bit Terrifying. Mom, I'm sorry for this. Take the song Jeepers Creepers. What's an unintentionally creepy song? Trump’s Partisan Pardon Bonanza: Can He Really Do That? Find unintentionally creepy tracks, artists, and albums. Find the latest in unintentionally creepy music at Last.fm. The Beatles – “Run for Your Life” Creepiest Lyrics: Well I’d rather see you dead, little girl/Than to be … Another popular theory is that Ester Cordet–the woman who appears nude and covered in honey on the album cover–was very badly burned during the cover photo shoot which took place during the recording session. Share. Unintentionally Creepy Music Videos. The main examples I can give you are two songs used in modified Rock-afire Explosion videos. Perhaps it’s the subject matter (Jagger has confirmed the song is about a girl’s funeral) or the use of the sitar, but the Stones’ “Paint it Black” is definitely one of their more unsettling tunes. Every move you make. Can a musician go too far with a song, even when they are unaware that they have crossed a line from serious art into the absurd? The song was featured on the Top of the Pops, Volume 18 album. Redditorshave been discussing the songs beloved by so many which actually have weird sentiments when you listen to the lyrics carefully. Creepy, chilling tunes from Pink Floyd, Eminem, Nick Cave, more. 10 Songs That Are Unintentionally Terrifying “Run for Your Life” – The Beatles. The singer is romanticizing obsessive stalking. Appearances. Covering the best and worst of the music world. But some love songs audiences have grown to love might not be as peachy keen as originally comprehended. 0 0. Sure, other generation may have lived through wars and depressions, but '80s kids have just as much a claim to psychological trauma, on account of videos like: In This Article: (Scared yet? Seems like a good idea in theory, but if you actually listen to the lyrics, Ms. Gaga is encouraging horrifyingly unsafe behavior: “Where are my keys, I lost my phone. They say those are the sounds of her screams in the background, but she looks like she’s having a fine time. List and review the concerts you've attended, and track upcoming shows. 100% Upvoted. But be honest–haven’t we all been the brokenhearted person chronicled in this song, hanging out at places you know your ex will be and maybe taking it a bit too far? Eurovision Halloween songs 1. One of the more creepy moments in the movie Insidious is when the record the mom puts on suddenly changes to Tiny Tim's Tip Toe Through the Tulips , and even out of context of a horror film that song is creepy as fuck. November 2, 2018 thesweetestlou News/Opinions 0. These scary playgrounds are worse than the rustiest set of monkey bars you remember from your youth, trust us. So naturally, David Bowie’s seminal hit “Space Oddity” is one of the most horrifying songs on the planet. / …They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha/ To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time.” I don’t know what’s scariest about this song: the music video, the creepy vocals, or the fact that it was meant to be funny. Stephen Crane. Flowers Updated: Oct. 19, 2018 This scary music playlist runs the gamut from hip-hop to avant-garde to spine-tinglingly bizarre. Lv 7. The song ends with the equally chilling visual from our lost in space buddy in which he’s floating around the blue earth, “and there’s nothing I can do…”, No shocker that this 1983 stalker anthem has made the list. 1 / 15. The 15 Scariest Songs of All Time Lisa A. A truly unholy alliance. It may not be obvious in December, but what about those other 11 excruciating months of waiting? Every parent of a toddler is guilty of … By. Mike Patton sprinkles his inner freak on all that he touches, and this track is certainly no exception. When you rate your music, the site's music/social recommender can recommend similar music and users with similar music … best. The dude in this song is worse than the boyfriend in “Run for Your Life.” When he says, “every move you make I’ll be watching you,” does he mean like, every move? Share. Answer Save. “Moanin’ at Midnight” is easily the best song about agoraphobia ever written. Tom Maxwell is a musician (late of Squirrel Nut Zippers and The Minor Drag) and writer (Al Jazeera America, The Oxford American, The Bitter Southerner). The song's title is a play on Everclear, which Bushwick Bill had been drinking at the time, and the message of the song's last line: "It's fucked up I had to lose an eye to see shit clearly." The Teletubbies had nothing on their infinitely more creepy cousins, the Boohbahs: basically fat hairy dollops who float and jitter around in space, their large black eyes swivelling unceasingly in their skulls. I Also think the songs The Wind Knows What It Wants (Portugese NF 94) and Canzone amare (Swiss Nf 83) have some real eerie undertones . 24 Sint Nicolaasliedjes. As it stands, outer space is already a pretty scary concept to begin with. share. The chilling part of this song is the guitar breakdown about a minute and a half in, in which you can hear a high-pitched scream in the background. Yes and it occurs more often than one would think. Like the majority of early rock songs, "Shake Rattle and Roll" was a cover, because apparently there were only, like, five guys writing songs back then. Click here to see our picks for the 8 scariest music videos of all time!). Meet Bungle from the TV show Rainbow. 1 decade ago. Unintentionally Creepy Songs. Creepy. Upon further investigation, it appears that some of the “real life” missing adolescents featured in the video were actually murder victims, including the Australian version which featured missing images of victims of Ivan Milat, The Backpacker Murderer. Sometimes, it’s a tinny, crackling old lullaby played from a broken radio in another room. He pens haunting and poetic lyrics, but one of his most disquieting … Sign up for our newsletter. Song information for Fortune Teller - The Rolling Stones on AllMusic ... there's a liberal use of echo on both the harmonica and voices that lends them a perhaps unintentionally creepy aura. 1. 8tracks radio. Everything is going fine for Major Tom, our main character, as Ground Control guides him through his launch into space. This is the most unintentionally scary thing I think I've ever seen. The Doors – “The End” Clocking in at over 11 minutes, this dark, majestic odyssey of a song is regarded by many as The Doors’ masterpiece. Bob Dylan Just Released the Ultra-Rare 1970 ‘George Harrison Sessions’ Without Warning, Taylor Swift Drops Her First Re-Recorded Song — in an Ad for Match, Metallica Celebrate Alice in Chains With Tender Cover of ‘Would?’, Trump Takes His Donors to Graduate School at Trump University, Watch Lil Nas X Celebrate ‘Holiday’ With Futuristic Christmas Performance. Every bond you break. Is he ever coming home!?! Nothing scary about that, right? Using … Mar 1, 2020, 6:26 am* Internet Culture. As Halloween approaches, feel free to ignore “Monster Mash” in favor of this handful of more austere chillers: Vintage murder ballads, dissonant classical spine-tinglers, psychedelic freak-outs, shock-rock creep-outs, Southern gothic alt-rock gloom, art-noise desolation and more. While the subject matter of the single is about runaway youths, all I remember from the music video was a bunch of babies being stolen out of strollers–granted, I was six years old when I watched it. Photo: Amazon.ca. The Police – “Mother” A crazed, hallucinatory diatribe that sounds like it’s ricocheting off the walls … One of the more creepy moments in the movie Insidious is when the record the mom puts on suddenly changes to Tiny Tim's Tip Toe Through the Tulips , and even out of context of a horror film that song is creepy as fuck. Four Unintentionally Creepy Songs — To Play with the Lights Off. But instead of playing “Thriller” and “Monster Mash”, why not check out some of the scariest songs from the world of Eurovision. Relevance. Source. And while history and even the songs themselves paint the '80s as a period of shallow prosperity, the music videos seemed to be on a mission to make George Orwell's vision of their decade look like Epcot Center. Man, talk about a rough breakup. Clearly the Brits have cornered the market on unintentionally creepy children’s characters. on Pinterest. But many have interpreted the song to be an allusion to Satan worship or a mental institution, not surprising given the eerie lyrics: “Last thing I remember, I was Running for the door / I had to find the passage back to the place I was before / ‘Relax,’ said the night man, ‘We are programmed to receive. Because that’d be a bit much. ), As it stands, outer space is already a pretty scary concept to begin with. / You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!‘” Let’s hope he at least gets a free continental breakfast. The original artist, Big Joe Turner, recorded a decidedly different vision of the song, with lyrics that make it absolutely clear that he is singing about house-quaking thunder sex. While I was tooling around this morning I heard the first two of these five songs on the radio. Halloween 1998 at the Police Department . This song has ALWAYS creeped me out. Fantomas, 'Rosemary's Baby' Related Stories. From monsters to skeletons to ghosts and spirits, here are 28 song contest numbers to chill your blood this Halloween. “Remember when you ran away and I got on my knees and begged you not to leave because I’d go berzerk? What's an unintentionally creepy song? save hide report. Unintentionally Creepy Music Videos. Pop on this playlist of 10 songs that weren't written for the holiday but are truly haunting in their own unique ways. By TheFix | 1:31am Oct 26, 2011. Each of them is a priceless time capsule of the past. I'm looking for songs like the one in silence of the lambs when bufalo bill gets naked and starts dancing with a wig on. Slap … “I see a line of cars and they’re all painted black / With flowers and my love both never to come back / I see people turn their heads and quickly look away / Like a newborn baby, it just happens every day.” The hit song takes on a new level of creepiness now, after the untimely passing of Jagger’s girlfriend L’wren Scott earlier this year. I'm not looking for songs that are lyrically unintentionally creepy like "Every Breath You Take". To celebrate we thought we’d switch the script a bit. “My friend, my friend he’s got a knife / A statement from his former life / When he was easy but alone / Beside him was an empty throne.” The song is also unsettling sonically, beginning with what sounds like a light romp through the forest, and then busting into a discord of guitar and piano chords, until the music eventually fades away and the song ends with a bunch of voices yelling “MYF!” Particularly scary if you’re not expecting it. on. Unintentionally Creepy Kids Movies by sammysam-822-945243 | created - 05 Apr 2018 | updated - 17 Jan 2019 | Public Movies with either unnerving CGI/animation, or have a character in a creepy animal/monster suit the entire movie. In lieu of unscary Halloween novelty standbys like “Monster Mash,” we offer 10 of the creepiest songs from our favorite murderous soundtracks. It’s a happy little love song that compares being in a relationship to being on a roller coaster. Pull your life together. no comments yet. Want more Rolling Stone? Incase you're curious, that song is, "good bye horses" by Q Lazzarus. Arguably the most famous song in The Eagles’ repertoire, “Hotel California” is about somebody being allured by the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles, until they discover it’s a dark and tragic place that you can’t escape. In fact, it sounds like you may have been roofied, have no way of calling your friends, and are likely going to wake up in a bathtub filled with ice with a kidney missing. This creepy AF figure that's definitely a backpack and not a demon shadow despite the way it looks Jamie. Despite its popular appeal and popular chorus, the song has a theme of child abandonment. December 23, 2012; Coming up with the cover photo for a Christmas album isn't something you should overthink. Unintentionally Creepy Songs. Queen “Radio GA GA” In addition to being creepy, this video really appeals to the film fan. Wolf sings about ignoring visitors and phone calls in a way that anyone with anxiety can understand. I have a couple, with a third that isn’t creepy so much as it is idealizing the wrong message. I love this record baby, but I can’t see straight anymore. In popular culture By Tom Maxwell | October 31, 2016. Catalog, rate, tag, and review your music. I'm talking about the kind of songs that are about entirely different things, but lyrically give you weird vibes Tom Maxwell. May 20, 2019 - Explore Alyson McMurry's board "Unintentionally Inappropriate (HILARIOUS) Drawings By Kids!" Basically what I'm looking for are songs that are not meant to be creepy in any way but feel unsettling (usually) because they are in a minor key. Redditors have been discussing the songs beloved by so many which actually have weird sentiments when you listen to the lyrics carefully. Learn more and try SeatGeek for free. Unintentional. And it's for kids!!! The main examples I can give you are two songs used in modified Rock-afire Explosion videos. The Haunting Sounds site has a collection of Halloween-themed songs, including the themes from Beetlejuice and The Addams Family, as well as some creepy WAV file sound effects. Children's songs are usually innocent and squeaky clean, but there are some with creepy lyrics which will make you wonder how they are even suitable for kids in the first place! Tweet. Tom Maxwell (Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Minor Drag) shares some tracks that freak him out. 0 comments. Because you don’t sound alright. Dec 14, 2019 - These inappropriate songs sponsored by Dashlane! They just might scar kids for life! Sort by. The P!nk song "Please Don't Leave Me" is supposed to be a simple song about a love-hate relationship the protagonist can't bring herself to end for good. I'm not looking for songs that are lyrically unintentionally creepy like "Every Breath You Take". What's up with the eerie ventriloquist dummies and creepy references to touching? This 1993, Grammy award-winning song is scary mostly because of the haunting music video that accompanies it. This video seems perfectly fine until a smaller version of the veggie’s … Brrrrrrr. 10 unintentionally terrifying kids' TV shows. “Riders on the Storm”, Alice Cooper’s “Steven”, “Games Without Frontiers” and “Ghost Town” were MEANT to be creepy. Popular song lyrics you never noticed were creepy as hell | indy100 | … Some of them are songs with upbeat melodies so nobody noticed, or maybe everyone else did and they're just twisted. Clearly written before John Lennon’s “Bed Peace” era, this song comes from the perspective of either a scorned lover, or ragingly abusive ex-boyfriend: “Let this be a sermon, I mean everything I’ve said / Baby, I’m determined, and I’d rather see you dead.” We don’t know what this girl did to earn herself death threats from this psychopath, but whatever it is somebody should probably call the cops. Online, everywhere. It's in those times we see the compulsive shopping network stalkers collecting porcelain reindeer figurines. Scary movies draw on a lot of varied sources for creating the perfect murderous mood music. The band–all from the Midwest–wrote it about how they viewed the “high life” out in California when their careers began. By MisterCharlie 31 October 2012 Welcome to another Halloween! 5 UNINTENTIONALLY CREEPY SONGS. The true “stalker’s anthem.”. There are songs that were written as every days songs that today sound very creepy and eerie even though they aren't meant to be and I don't specifically mean lyrically. Louvin Brothers, "Knoxville Girl" (1956) Maybe the best-known Appalachian murder ballad is the first … At the end of the 20th century, even local police departments hosted their own websites on GeoCities.

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